Our mission

Provide assistance to governmental and private, regional or national disaster
organizations in the identification, recruitment and training of nurses to place
emphasis on activities of prevention, preparedness and identification of health
priorities during the mitigation, response and recovery phases of a disaster.   Our
intent is to minimize health morbidity and mortality in vulnerable and at risk

What we do;

  • Provide a database of volunteer nurses interested in serving as leaders and
    collaborators in health disaster management strategic planning in their
    community of residence.
  • Coordinate efforts and partnerships with recognized agencies dedicated to
    intervene in all phases of disaster.
  • Provide continuing education, training and skills update in disaster related
    topics and tasks.
Nurses have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide secure services during
a disaster.   Nurses are trained to work under stress and to respond fast to
changing situations,  in a coordinated way.  The leadership provided by nurses
during past disaster experiences are testimony to the accuracy of this statement.   

CONCID also accepts membership applications from other health care
professionals and allied personnel.  There is a place for every one in CONCID!

If you are interested in obtaining more
information or becoming a member,  please
contact us at:

Mayaguez, PR 00680  

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La Coalición de Enfermería para Comunidades en Desastres estará
participante y apoyando las actividades del evento mas grande de la
Nación este 18 de octubre. Shake-out fue introducido por CONCID en
Mayo 2012 con la participación de la clase graduanda de enfermería
2012 del Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez y fue todo un éxito.